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AppNexus Console

AppNexus Console helps agencies and advertisers increase campaign effectiveness through the most powerful integrated platform for programmatic media buying.


Twixt is an automated guaranteed buying platform for the open marketplace. Trading desk programmatic products, holding company preferred deals and open RFP in one unified application.


AppNexus Video

AppNexus Video brings you the reach and transparency you need to target greater numbers of ever-more relevant viewers — and achieve exponentially higher user match rates.

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Yield Management Platform

YMP increases monetization by managing multiple demand partners more efficiently.   With more control and less operational overhead, users can focus on what matters most: achieving higher yields.

Yieldex Analytics

Yieldex Analytics helps publishers manage, forecast, package and price their digital inventory to improve yield and maximize revenue across all delivery channels. 

Open AdStream

Open AdStream helps publishers reduce challenges in digital ad serving by offering a single digital ad delivery platform built to maximize revenue across all demand sources.


YieldexDirect helps publishers reduce the inefficiencies associated with running time-consuming campaigns by providing highly specialized tools to increase operational efficiency though integrated workflows and campaign automation.

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AppNexus Console

AppNexus Console helps advertising technology companies reduce the amount of time and expensive technology required to trade programmatically through specialized infrastructure, tools and expertise.

 AppNexus Services

AppNexus Services helps advertising technology companies reduce risk and complexity through custom training and technology and financial solutions.

AppNexus Cloud

AppNexus Cloud helps advertising technology companies stand out from the crowd to generate more business through highly differentiated offerings.


AppNexus Video

AppNexus Video brings you the reach and transparency you need to target greater numbers of ever-more relevant viewers — and achieve exponentially higher user match rates.

Careers at AppNexus

Join us on our mission to create a better internet

What is AppNexus?

AppNexus is a technology company whose cloud-based software platform enables and optimizes programmatic online advertising. Our technology helps advertisers get the most out of their campaigns, publishers get the most out of their content, ad tech companies get the most of their insights and data, and internet users get full, democratic access to the digital world.

The people who power our technology possess a unique ability to see and improve the whole system, learn and teach what they know, empower our customers, and make greatness happen together.


100+ billion
impressions seen each day 
5 million
queries per second at peak
terabytes of data processed daily at peak
AppNexians working across 23 global offices
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Open Positions

AppNexus is on a mission to create a better Internet and we're looking for the brightest minds to help. Join the team dedicated to solving advertising's biggest challenges.

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Why Work at AppNexus?

We’re more than AppNexus employees, we’re AppNexians: a unique breed of brilliant minds focused on learning, teaching and engaging with our communities. We strive to envision and improve the whole system in everything we plan, build, and code. We empower our customers to differentiate and innovate in a constantly changing industry. We move mountains to make greatness happen — yes, needle-moving, timeline-on-our-company history greatness. It’s one thing to have a job; it’s another thing entirely to work at building a dream.

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AppNexus is looking for the next generation of talent to join our team. If you’re a current student looking for an internship or full-time job—who is interested in working in an innovative and collaborative environment—consider starting your career at AppNexus!

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How We Hire

Hiring Philosophy AppNexus is invested in hiring the best talent and we take our hiring practice seriously. From the first step to the last, we stay focused on a few key principles to hire future AppNexians. 

Hiring Process — Our goal is to move candidates through our hiring process quickly while ensuring candidates meet the right people and learn about AppNexus every step of the way. 

Team-Specific Hiring Processes — Certain teams at AppNexus have developed scalable, cross-functional hiring processes that enable candidates and recruiters to partner closely to find the perfect fit within a particular team.

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Make greatness happen

We believe that making the world a better place means achieving great outcomes. We do this by challenging the status quo and by helping our colleagues and partners rise to their highest level of ability and engagement. 

See and improve the whole system

The problems we care about are big and systemic, and we look beyond the immediate symptoms to understand their root causes. We build and influence the whole ecosystem to create a complete solution for the long term.

Learn and teach

Every experiment teaches us more about how things actually work than a million perfect ideas on a whiteboard. We learn from both success and failure, since we challenge ourselves to constantly improve.

Empower our customers

We empower our customers and partners — our fellow innovators — by providing them with a platform for their own innovation, inspiring them with our vision, and educating them so they can build their businesses with us.

What AppNexians Say:

I like AppNexus because I get to work on very complex problems at a huge scale with some of the friendliest, smartest people I know. There’s a huge variety of stuff to learn and freedom to try things out while knowing that your work will have a huge impact everywhere on the internet. I’ve never felt stalled or bored in the 3.5 years I’ve been working here!


Team Lead, Optimization Engineering

Join the world’s largest independent ad tech company on our mission to create a better Internet.

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