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AppNexus helps the world’s top publishers fully monetize their content through integrated ad serving and programmatic selling solutions.

AppNexus for Agencies / Advertisers

AppNexus helps brands connect with consumers, empowering agencies and advertisers with a uniquely powerful approach to programmatic.

AppNexus for Ad Tech Companies

Ad Tech and media companies use AppNexus to power value-add enhancements for marketers and publishers.

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Products for Agencies / Advertisers

Products for Ad Tech Companies

AppNexusfor Agencies & Advertisers

Open and Transformative

AppNexus empowers agencies and advertisers to achieve consistently superior results in their digital advertising.

Independent and Transparent

AppNexus is a technology company, not a media business. We offer agencies and advertisers complete transparency and control over campaigns, pricing, data, and algorithms. 

Powerful and Innovative

AppNexus connects brands with consumers over 30 billion times each day, allowing agencies and advertisers to tell their story in uniquely targeted and innovative ways. 

Effective and Efficient

AppNexus products empower agencies and advertisers to reach their desired audiences at the right place and right time — and in the most cost-efficient way possible.

AppNexus Console

AppNexus Console helps you increase campaign effectiveness through the most powerful integrated platform for programmatic media buying.

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RTB, Open Auction and Audience Buying — Achieve Peak Programmatic Performance 

AppNexus technology sees over 150 billion available advertising impressions across global markets every day. Powering trusted marketplaces for both buyers and sellers, AppNexus offers superior audience reach and seamless integration with third-party data and service providers. Combined with powerful optimization tools and data reporting, AppNexus delivers outstanding real-time performance.

Private Marketplace and Deals — Premium Simplified.

Many of the strongest brands rely on AppNexus to power their bespoke programmatic partnerships. Our uniquely flexible technology gives sellers the confidence they need to bring their premium inventory and data to programmatic, allowing advertisers and agencies priority access to audiences and new ways to bring their offline relationships into the online world. By transforming the way media packages and deals are built, AppNexus accelerates inventory discovery, audience targeting and campaign execution.

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Mobile — Deeper Connections Across Screens.

AppNexus brings scale to programmatic mobile, enabling agencies and advertisers to create genuinely omnichannel campaigns. Mobile web, in-app, native and second-screen TV sync solutions on the AppNexus platform combine with powerful targeting, optimization and cross-screen measurement to deliver compelling reach, engagement and ROI.

Video — Build Brand Awareness, Programmatically.

AppNexus brings seamless integration to video,  enabling agencies and advertisers to create genuinely omnichannel campaigns. Pre-roll, in-stream, in-feed and TV sync solutions on the AppNexus platform combine with powerful targeting and optimization tools to deliver compelling reach, engagement and ROI. Video audience buying tools deliver up to 10X the reach, at a fraction of the cost, of video-only platforms.

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Viewability — A Unique Approach.

AppNexus is the only platform that provides consistent viewability measurement and reporting to buyers and sellers, by default, and for free. In addition, pre-bid viewability prediction means that AppNexus offers the first truly seamless viewable marketplace. Buyers can now optimize toward viewable, high-perfoming inventory, or create viewable deals where they pay only for viewable ads — minimizing waste and empowering them with true control of the audience’s opportunity to see.

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Brand Safety — Complete Transparency for Buyers.

In addition to robust policies, automated brand safety systems and one of the largest quality and audit teams in the industry, AppNexus offers advertisers and agencies complete campaign transparency. Buyers are able to access and analyze their log-level data on every element of campaign performance. AppNexus IQ and AppNexus Spend Protection offer accountability and peace of mind in campaign execution.

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AppNexus powers our worldwide programmatic strategy allowing us to efficiently reach customers with our best offers.

Sébastien Thomas

Programmatic Manager, Air France

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