Build A Differentiated Ad Network


As competition heats up in the rapidly growing ad tech market, the need to differentiate your business is crucial. AppNexus gives you a toolset to develop an edge, so you can continue to evolve and adapt. The industry's leading ad networks use the AppNexus ad server and real time bidding capabilities to run their businesses.

Plug into supply and demand, optimize yield across thousands of advertisers and publishers – managed and real time, perform sophisticated analytics, and more.

Our capabilities:

Expand your reach and broaden your markets
AppNexus works with all leading supply and demand sources, enabling dramatic improvement in reach for your campaigns as well as better yield and fill rates for your publishers. We give you access to billions of daily impressions from real-time exchanges and partners and we have major demand partners enabling a liquid marketplaces. With the ability to buy or sell on a CPA, CPC, or CPM basis, the AppNexus marketplace is built to generate value for all players.

Turbocharge your campaigns with our advanced optimization algorithms

The AppNexus platform uses advanced machine learning and probability modeling to match the right ads with the right users. Our optimization system, designed with years of experiences, is unique in its ability to maximize revenue across network-managed publishers and optimize ROI for advertisers on RTB inventory sources.

Serve managed ads and increase your reach in the marketplace 
AppNexus acts as the server of record for some of the industry's largest clients. Our highly scalable platform architecture was built specifically for ad serving. We have the ability to prioritize your direct deals alongside RTB demand, so you maximize yield and performance holistically.

RTB-enable your business 
Find the right audiences at the right time, generating higher yield for publishers and better campaign performance for advertisers. Take advantage of our pre-integrated data partners to help better define the right audience for the right offer, so you deliver better results for your clients.

Operational leverage 

It’s not sexy, but it’s real. AppNexus minimizes the operational complexity of online ad tech. We offer consolidated financial clearing for your real-time media trades. By building your business on our platform, you can mitigate the risk involved with payments and collections. AppNexus handles the hassle, giving you the time to concentrate on your true value proposition.

Human and automated auditing 

When you buy and sell inventory on the AppNexus platform, you can be confident in the safety of your brand. The AppNexus human audit team reviews scans and categorizes thousands of domains daily and reviews creatives to flag them for content, brand, and technical attributes. Sherlock, our proprietary malware scanning technology, runs 24/7 to scan creatives during their lifetime on the AppNexus platform.


The AppNexus platform is designed as a foundation for your ad network business. Integrate your proprietary technology with our open APIs and develop a true competitive advantage without the cost and complexity of building your own technology stack.

Streamline workflow, improve performance
AppNexus has created a groundbreaking apps program for the ad tech industry giving you instant access to leading technology and data vendors, such as Adobe, comScore, and BlueKai. With a single click, you can integrate new capabilities into your network, such as ad compliance, contextual data, custom creatives, user data, and more. With the AppNexus App Marketplace, you can manage your technology relationships with one UI and a single log-in.

Custom integrations to differentiate your business 
Our seamless first and third party data integrations increase the ease with which you can reach your desired audience. While AppNexus works to aggregate and manage your data, you maintain ownership and control over your information.

Better management with tailored reporting 
Our granular reporting tools provide you with up-to-the-hour information and are available in local time zones and multiple currencies. With impression level views, our reporting provides sophisticated ways to report on and manage your data, and helps you to drive actionable business insights. Constant feedback lets you continuously improve your business, track your performance, and enhance your business strategies.