Data is the heart of effective online advertising. Advertisers need audience information during the campaign planning stage and post-campaign reporting to calculate ROI. Publishers need business intelligence to price their inventory appropriately for market demand. The AppNexus platform was designed to ease the flow of data into and out of the platform for both buyers and sellers. You can integrate your proprietary audience intelligence into the platform, gain easy access to reporting data, and commission log-level data feeds for sophisticated analysis and reporting.


AppNexus offers the industry’s most robust data management and reporting to help you drive actionable business insights. AppNexus’ sophisticated data management capabilities include:

  • AppNexus log-level data lets you differentiate your business with access and ownership of event-level information. This granular access to your transaction history empowers you to develop your own intellectual property around bidding and yield strategies. Providing raw log-level feeds enables you to find and execute against business insights that would be difficult to discover in aggregate data.
  • Up-to-the-hour platform reporting on impressions, clicks, and conversions for AppNexus Console clients. While most ad systems report daily or on limited daily intervals, our hourly reporting gives you near-immediate insight on what’s working—and what’s not.


The AppNexus platform was built on the philosophy that using your data should be easy — and using third-party data should be just as easy.

  • Maintain audience segments in real time via AppNexus segment pixels or pass offline data into our system via API.
  • Buyers on the AppNexus platform can easily access data segments from contextual, semantic, and behavioral data providers including Proximic, eXelate and BlueKai. Integrating new partners into our ecosystem is a straightforward and well-documented process.
  • If you wish to manage your own data warehouse, our integrated cloud hosting allows easy access for pushing or pulling data and layers of security to keep your data safe.