Build A Custom Exchange


As the competitive landscape intensifies, publishers and premium supply partners are turning to custom exchanges, which combine access to the major sources of demand while managing yield and quality. AppNexus provides the best of both worlds, with instant access to quality demand sources, best-in-class yield management capabilities, and next generation ad serving capabilities. Some of the world's largest supply partners use AppNexus to power their custom exchanges.

Our capabilities:

Create new revenue streams
Through the AppNexus platform, you gain instant access to hundreds of demand partners. Combine that demand with your managed demand into one complete strategy for maximum monetization of your inventory.

Regulate your custom exchange settings
AppNexus allows you to decide how transparent you are based on the individual buyer. You can control the visibility of your sites, the information shared about your inventory, and who can see what. You get to choose how to manage your inventory for maximum results.

Rich media and mobile
AppNexus supports programmatic buying for a variety of valuable rich media ad formats on desktop and mobile devices, such as expandables, interstitials and innovative custom creative types. Easily enable your inventory for all channels.

Best-in-class yield management capabilities

Set automated rules based on your own rate card and take control of your monetization strategy. You can also easily execute deals you’ve negotiated with your partners.

A scalable platform built for ad serving

AppNexus provides clients with a next generation ad serving suite. By running your managed and indirect businesses on one unified system, you reduce operational headaches and gain a broader view of your overall strategy.

Consolidated financial clearing to simplify payment 
AppNexus mitigates the risk involved with payments and collections and minimizes the operational complexity of financial clearing. Let AppNexus handle the grunt work so you can focus on your true value proposition.

Ad quality

On the AppNexus platform, offering security and safety for publishers is critical. Sherlock, our proprietary malware scanning technology, runs 24/7 to scan creatives for malware and blacklisted landing pages. The AppNexus human audit team reviews thousands of creatives and classifies them for content, brand and technical attributes so that you can ensure quality user experience.

Better monetize inventory with custom integrations
AppNexus offers sophisticated first- and third-party integrations that increase the ease with which you can manage and report on your data. With impression-level views of your inventory, you can gain insight into how advertisers are valuing your inventory and what you can do to increase that value.

Robust reporting provides better insights 
Drive actionable insights for your business with our customizable reporting capabilities. AppNexus provides up-to-the-hour information, available in local time zones and multiple currencies, as well as reports on impressions, clicks, and conversions. You get nearly immediate visibility into what's working best for your valuable sites and placements.

Build a custom exchange on our true platform

We built the AppNexus APIs so you can integrate your proprietary technology with our platform. As you customize your exchange on our platform, you can deliver tailored solutions to your end clients.

Streamline workflow with AppNexus Apps
With the AppNexus App Marketplace, you can build any additional tools right into AppNexus Console and create your own apps, or take advantage of any sell side tools offered by third party apps. Through the apps platform, customers can streamline and manage their technology relationships with one UI and a single log-in.