Build An AppNexus App


The ad tech industry is flourishing with innovators, each developing new technologies that enhance the value of the display ad ecosystem. Perhaps you are one of them. It’s exciting to put together great new ad technologies, though scaling them to reach the required number of businesses and users to be successful can be quite a hurdle. Working with sophisticated ad technologists, we’ve come up with a way to enable you to focus on innovating while we take care of running the underlying infrastructure and connecting all the moving parts. It’s called AppNexus Apps.


AppNexus Apps allows you to build an ad tech business on a platform that is linked to all the major display ad players. Go beyond simple data integration and differentiate your offering by creating unique features and functionality on an existing, fully mature infrastructure. Integrate your proprietary technology with the AppNexus platform through our APIs then develop a user experience tailored for your app technology and embed it into the AppNexus Console user interface. With over 600 companies already on the AppNexus platform, you can find a market for your app and connect seamlessly with customers from day one.


AppNexus Apps is part of our commitment to being a true platform upon which you can build a successful business. The apps program provides a low risk environment to test and discover new ideas. Be a part of a community of developers and entrepreneurs that can learn from each other and together, push the boundaries of what can be done. You can work with the AppNexus team to get feedback, data and analytics, and guidance on what makes an app successful.