Bannerconnect Case Study

CASE STUDY: Bannerconnect

Evolving the Ad Network: Bannerconnect Increases Profits by 22%

Bannerconnect is an independent specialist facilitating automated trading on both national and international levels. We translate all technical possibilities, available data and commercial opportunities into clear, tailored solutions. Only full insight, a clear overview and control over all your online marketing campaigns can lead to a maximised result.


While Bannerconnect has been an expert in automated ad trading since 2004, and was one of the first adopters of real-time bidding in Europe, the company is now seeing heavily funded and marketed DSPs and SSPs entering its local markets. To strengthen their publisher relationships in the increasingly competitive market, Bannerconnect decided to focus on one of their largest clients, GameHouse, who was interested in enabling their inventory for real-time bidding. GameHouse is a leading publisher, developer, and distributor of casual games targeted to women, and the company had a number of requirements before they could offer their inventory in a real-time auction.


Adapting to Changing Industry Standards
In March 2010, Bannerconnect partnered with the AppNexus ad serving and technology platform so they could focus on their own competency in buying and selling. As technical standards have evolved, Bannerconnect has nimbly adapted to each change via their integration with the AppNexus platform. Bannerconnect worked with the AppNexus team so that GameHouse could serve dynamic creative sizes and auctionable roadblocks. In addition, Bannerconnect ensured that in-stream video creatives served through the AppNexus platform would comply with the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) and Digital Video Player-Ad Interface Definition (VPAID) guidelines. Likewise, when Facebook announced they were requiring all websites and applications using the Facebook platform to have SSL certificates, Bannerconnect knew that AppNexus was ready to support this change.

The Right Tools and the Right Technology
Bannerconnect has always taken a technology-driven approach to their media business, and they could continue to do so by using AppNexus's open APIs, building their own tools on top of the AppNexus platform. In addition to the initial features GameHouse required, Bannerconnect went a step further and built GameHouse a custom UI called CockPit. Through CockPit, GameHouse can log into the AppNexus platform independent of the AppNexus UI to manage campaigns, retrieve invoices, monitor campaign delivery, view granular age and gender data, and provide inventory forecasts. GameHouse executives, traffickers, and billing departments can log in to one UI to view many dimensions of data about their advertising revenue. CockPit proved such a powerful tool for GameHouse that Bannerconnect will be offering access to this interface to all of its demand and supply partners.

Streamlining Internal Operations
With the success of CockPit, Bannerconnect’s next project was to develop a set of internal tools to streamline their own operational processes. These include a fraud detector customized for activity in its markets, a click behavior analyzer, and their own in-house CRM system and ad management tool called B-Nocular, all on top of the AppNexus platform.

Access to Data for Sophisticated Analysis
AppNexus provides a back-end data pipeline and cookie store that would be hard for most companies to maintain in-house. Bannerconnect takes advantage of this data infrastructure with the AppNexus DataSiphon service. DataSiphon gives Bannerconnect access to log-level data feeds, which they then pull into their own Netezza data warehouse. Combined with AppNexus’s user mapping tools, Bannerconnect builds granular and customized reports on the number of unique users available on domains and the websites for their custom audience segments.


Partnering with AppNexus has allowed Bannerconnect to realize:

22% Increase in Profits – In addition to meeting GameHouse’s initial requirements for dynamic ad sizes and auctionable roadblocks, the Bannerconnect team created a custom UI for one of their largest clients. This not only strengthened the existing relationship, but also contributed to a 22% increase in profits for Bannerconnect.

3X Operational Efficiency – Because CockPit and B-Nocular are tailored to their own operational requirements and pain points, Bannerconnect can manage campaigns approximately three times faster, with increased delivery and ROI.

20% More New Business – With the above tools and access to high-quality supply partners, Bannerconnect has maintained its competitive edge in the European market. The company estimates that it has won 20% more new business as a result of their partnership with AppNexus.