AppNexus Apps

The display ad ecosystem is restless with innovation. New technologies emerge almost daily that offer exciting opportunities for better targeting, analytics, creative development, and more.  However, trying to take advantage of new third party tools and data can be a challenge. The need to set up system integrations, export data and manipulate it locally, or switch between UIs during campaign setup all inhibit the appeal of potentially valuable technical innovations.

The AppNexus App Marketplace is the first step in simplifying this experience, enabling you to discover, install and utilize third-party technologies directly within the AppNexus Console UI. The marketplace contains dozens of apps that you can install as you would on a smartphone. Once installed, the app functionality can be available either as a full screen app or within your daily AppNexus workflow.

The AppNexus App Marketplace is continuing to expand with new apps released monthly. Visit the AppNexus Marketplace today to find tools and features from several leading partners including:

Ad Compliance
Evidon InForm – AdChoices App
TRUSTe – 1-Click AdChoices App

Ad Verification

Alenty – Ad Visibility and Efficiency App
comScore – AdEffx App
Meetrics – Ad Visibility App

Contextual Data

ADmantX – SpotOn App
Grapeshot – Keywords App
Peer39 – Ad Stats Creative Targeting App
Proximic – Agents App
uKnow – BluePrints App

Custom Creatives

adacado – Dynamic Creative Retargeting App
AdExtent – Dynamic Ads App
AdXcel – Studio App
eyeReturn – Rich Media Ad Builder App
FlxOne – FlxAds App
Skinected – High Impact Ad Marketplace App